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Halloween is Ray Bradbury Night, with special guest Juno Jakob
October 30, 2021

Happy Halloween everyone! To help celebrate this spooky time of year, I'm joined today with author Juno Jakob. We both are devoted fans of Ray Bradbury, and we talk about him and his influence on our lives. Juno has also written a new book for YA cal

Podcast Spotlight: Simply to Die For
October 22, 2021

 Today's episode is pretty special. First of all, we are celebrating 10 episodes! Wooo HOO! Also, the entire episode is on video - I'm slowly trying to learn new skills and this was fun to put together. And finally, I have two very special guest

It's the End of the World with H.G. Wells
October 15, 2021

Have you ever wondered how classic Victorian writer H.G. Wells would have imagined the end of the world? OK, that's a pretty specific topic, but that is what I'm reading to you today in this episode. Today's episode is actually taken from a

Reader, I Married Him: Jane Eyre, with special guest Rita Maria Martinez
October 09, 2021

Hello! Today I have a very special guest on - Rita Maria Martinez, author of the Jane Eyre inspired poetry collection, "The Jane and Bertha in Me". Rita joins me to discuss Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, and the impact stories and words can have o

The Beautiful Haiku with special guest Cendrine Marrouat
October 01, 2021

Today we're getting fancy and we're looking at poetry. Art is joined by poet Cendrine Marrouat and they explore poetry. If you struggle with understanding poetry or how to understand poetry - you will definitely want to hear this episode! Find C

Books are Magic: an interview with author Naomi Kritzer
September 24, 2021

It’s all about science fiction today on The Bookshelf Odyssey Podcast! Sci-Fi takes up a significant portion of my bookshelves, how about yours? Today I interview a very special guest, the Hugo award nominated (and winner!) author Naomi Kritzer. She has t

All Things Gaskell with special guest Dr. Diane Duffy
September 16, 2021

We have a supersized episode today! We're going to be taking a closer look at Elizabeth Gaskell today!I want to thank everyone for sticking with me through the delay I had in posting last week. Life got crazy, but I'm back with an extra long epi

The Grey Woman, Part 2, by Elizabeth Gaskell
September 03, 2021

The plot thickens! Welcome to the 2nd portion of this week's story, The Grey Woman by Victorian writer Elizabeth Gaskell. Last week we left our heroine trapped in a marriage to an unpleasant, toxic man who mysteriously comes and goes, keeps her cut o

The Grey Woman: Part 1 of 3, by Elizabeth Gaskell
August 27, 2021

Welcome back book friends!In today's episode I talk about what I've been reading and give some reading recommendations for you. Then I begin reading Elizabeth Gaskell's gothic tale, The Grey Woman.  A Victorian woman  traveling through Euro

Hand and Heart by Elizabeth Gaskell
August 20, 2021

In today's episode of Bookshelf Odyssey Podcast, We continue our exploration of Victorian  writer, Elizabeth Gaskell. Today, I read to you her charming morality tale, "Hand and Heart". It tells the story of little Tom Fletcher and begins wi