Blk + In Grad School

Blk + In Grad School

Ep. 49: The Progress Report (Blk + in Grad School One-Year Anni Episode!)

November 20, 2018

This is the ONE YEAR anniversary episode of BLK+ In Grad School and Allanté is extremely excited!!!  If you’ve been a student of our class during this whole podcasting journey, you’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of Allanté’s Ph.D program. We’ve learned the ins and outs of financing, strategies on figuring out your best route, the differences between programs and degrees, the importance of research and more. You’ve also gained the experiences of each guest who shared their journey through graduate school and the world after, offering guidance for anyone committing to, participating in, or considering the process.

To celebrate the anniversary and acknowledge all of the previous guests, Allanté is providing a “where are they now” update to keep you in the loop on the progress of their journeys. Their episodes may have ended but their success didn’t, and while each guest is at a different part in the process, the diversity in their journey is a powerful reinforcement to never give up, at any point, during any struggle, because you are not alone.

If you had a favorite guest and you would like to know what’s new, or, if you want to know who’s episode is where so that you can listen, this episode is for you. This is the moment where the teacher rolls in the TV and VCR signaling to students that today is a movie day. So kick back, relax and enjoy this update.


Most importantly, thank you for helping advance the educational space and spectrum for people of color by listening, following, supporting and sharing this podcast, your journey, and your time. Without you, Blk+In Grad school could not exist and flourish. Thank you.