The Birth Ease Podcast

The Birth Ease Podcast

044 Homebirth and Hypnobirth with Laura Nathan

July 01, 2020

Listen in as Michelle and midwife Laura Nathan have a conversation about Laura's passion for homebirth and the difference that hypnobirth makes within pregnancy, labor & birth, postpartum, and beyond.

"Because it doesn't have to be that way. That's what we see in the movies and the sitcom sketches. It doesn't have to be that way of the screaming, painful birth that is just awful and you gotta get through it and suffer through to get to the end, to the good thing at the end, which is the baby. The process can also be really uplifting. It can be a really beautiful process that… the mom can feel really empowered by it."— Laura Nathan

About Laura Nathan, LM CPM:

Laura is a Florida Licensed Midwife serving families in Orlando and surrounding communities since 2014. She is the owner of Modern Orlando Midwifery, a home birth practice for her midwifery clients. After working in a busy birth center, Laura now loves the ability to get to know her clients well through long home visits. The focus is on building a strong relationship where both the parents and midwife can trust and understand one another. Her love of client education ranges from detailed explanations of pregnancy and the normal changes women experience to diastasis prevention and repair to newborn care and breastfeeding success. Additionally, Laura has studied the use of hypnosis for pregnancy and birth. She utilized Birth Ease Hypnobirth for her own babies’ births and is certified as a Hypno-Doula with HypnoBabies. Laura believes that with comprehensive education, parents can make the best choices for the mother-baby dyad.

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