The Birth Ease Podcast

The Birth Ease Podcast

022 Holistic Pediatric Care with Dr. Lyndsey Sutherland, DNP

January 29, 2020

Listen in as Michelle and Dr. Lyndsey Sutherland, DNP, ARNP discuss the beauty of integrating both Eastern and Western medical practices when caring for our children, and how this holistic approach looks for the root of the problem versus simply treating the systems. In this proactive practice model, the provider is treating the whole child and supporting the whole family. Lyndsey shares what to look for when choosing a pediatric provider for your child. Together they stress the importance of finding a caregiver that creates an environment that promotes mutual communication, safety, and trust.

Dr. Lyndsey Sutherland, DNP, ARNP is a passionate mother and advocate for healthy families. She is both a professor at the University of Central Florida and an entrepreneur working hard to empower families on their journey to live happy and full lives. Lyndsey is a Family Nurse Practitioner who received her Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Central Florida with honors. In her practice she focuses on prevention and education, which are the building blocks to maintain and establish health. She works closely with a network of medical professionals to find the root cause of illness for her patients and not just treat their symptoms. Lyndsey believes in you. She believes in your children. She knows you were made for this and that together we will not just survive parenthood, but thrive as mothers and fathers of the children we love so much.

"If you don't feel safe [with your provider] and if you don't feel comfortable, it is important to keep looking. It's a long journey. And to not feel safe and comfortable with someone, that's way too long to be holding hands with someone. And we are talking about your precious family, and so to me, it only makes sense to find the right person who will come along side you in this journey." —Lyndsey Sutherland


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