Bank on Wipfli

Bank on Wipfli

Improving the customer experience with e-statements

October 11, 2022

Most consumers use digital banking to take a quick look at recent activity, check for fraud or verify deposits. A monthly review of a financial statement is a different experience altogether.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, institutions must create a functioning e-statement experience for consumers. The more financial institutions can do to provide their customers with meaningful insights and summary data, the more they can help them understand their financial lives.

But how do you create a better e-statement experience? That’s the subject of this episode of Bank on Wipfli. Listen in as Robert Zondag, Senior Manager at Wipfli, talks to e-statement specialists Griffin Mcgahey, President at HC3, and Jeremiah James, Chief Product Officer at HC3. They discuss:

·      Whether there is a future for printed statements.

·      How you can get multiple systems to work together seamlessly.

·      Why many financial institutions continue to be disappointed in their e-statement experience and what operations challenges they face in today’s environment.

Listen in to learn what e-statement solutions your financial institution can leverage.