The Bangkok Podcast | Life in Thailand's Buzzing Capital

The Bangkok Podcast | Life in Thailand's Buzzing Capital

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Un-Jaded: Seeing Bangkok’s Best Through New Eyes [S6.E18]
December 06, 2022

In a show fueled by a visit by Gregs mother, the guys discuss first impressions of Bangkok, and whether or not they have become jaded as long term expats. Greg includes a short interview with his mom

Promoting Plant-Based Sustainable Living in Bangkok [S6.E17]
November 29, 2022

Ed interviews Max and Jo Hellier of Root the Future, a small social enterprise based in Bangkok that promotes sustainable living and plant-based diets. Max and Jo begin with their origin story: Jo, a

Bangkok Taxis: New Solutions for Old Problems [S6.E16]
November 22, 2022

Greg and Ed discuss a topic first brought up in a bonus show back in season 2: what to do about taxi drivers who wont take you where you want to go? Although there are no doubt many larger problems i

MuvMi’s Electric Tuk-Tuks Want to Change How Bangkokians Get from A to B [S6.E15]
November 15, 2022

Greg interviews Tim Koncewicz from electric tuk-tuk company to chat about their mission to provide a safe and environmentally clean alternative to gas-powered tuk-tuks. Unlike normal taxis and old-sc

Expat Confessions: Things We Should Have Done by Now, But Haven't [S6.E14]
November 08, 2022

Greg and Ed bare their souls with expat confessions: things in Thailand they are embarrassed to say they have never seen or done, but that they should have, given their years in the Kingdom. Ed beg

Buddhist Scholar Justin McDaniel Discusses the History & Meaning of Thai Amulets [S6.E13]
November 01, 2022

Greg interviews Buddhist scholar Justin McDaniel on the topic of Buddhism amulets. Justin is a true scholar of religion, especially Asian religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, but he developed a st

Bangkok in Memoriam: A Look Back at a Few Places We Miss the Most [S6.E12]
October 25, 2022

Every Bangkok newbie has places that are near and dear to them, and which play a role in their early days of getting settled and finding your groove in Bangkok. Greg and Ed discuss some of these Bangk

Cause & Effect: The Thailand Clean Air Network Talks Health and Poison Air [S6.E11]
October 18, 2022

Greg interviews Khun Weena from the , a guest who previously appeared on Episode 66 of Season 4, when Thailand was in the middle of a crazy air pollution crisis. Since then K. Weena and her organizati

Is Thailand a Woke-Free Zone? [S6.E10]
October 11, 2022

Greg and Ed open up a can of snakes (this is Thailand after all) and discuss whether Thailand is a woke-free zone. The guys begin by realizing that the word woke itself does not have a very clear

Amy Lefevre Joins to Talk Careers, Cliques and Finding Your Level in Bangkok [S6.E9]
October 04, 2022

With interest in Thailand returning to pre-pandemic levels and the podcast getting an increasing number of emails asking for advice on living and working here, Greg interviews old acquaintance Amy Lef