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Badass Agile

Badass Ideas - Talks from the Agile and Beyond Speaker's Lounge

May 31, 2019

This is a long one, so make sure you're on Wifi!

Had a great time at Agile and Beyond this year, and as I was chilling with the speakers Thursday afternoon, we decided to record some cool conversations and thoughts from my colleagues.  A real privilege to get some rapid insights from this crew.

Here Are the Interview Notes in order of appearance:

Nayan Hajratwala, Agile And Beyond Co-organizer and Speaker Coordinator

Holly Bielawa - How To Hire An Agile Coach

Twitter @agilegrowth

Philippa Bagley - Project Management For Creatives

Michael Nir - Persuading the Bear: Learn how to Build Engaged Communities through Horizontal Influencing

Twitter - @michaelnir

Daniel Davis - Code is Easy. Humans are hard, Your Tech Career Is Wacked & Why That's OK

email -

Twitter - @daniel_davis

Colleen Esposito - Does Agile change your process - or your perspective? - Beyond Prioritization: How to Make an Impact for your Customers

Twitter - @TheColleenE

Shahin Sheidaei, Eglys Vera - The Golden Hammer of Transformation: Culture!


Twitter - @sheidaei


David Harris - Extreme Programming Practices at Scale

Mark Shead - Go With The Flow - An exercise in optimizing the delivery of value, Shifting Left With Extreme Programming - Developing Quality Early

Youtube -

Arati Joshi - Introvert's journey to Agility

Twitter - @aratister

George Dinwiddie - Advanced BDD for the Whole Team -- Distillation of Essential Examples

Out Beyond Estimates and No Estimates

Twitter - @gdinwiddie

Website -

Matt Heusser - Lean Coffee

website -

Books on Leanpub -

Twitter - @mheusser

Justin Beall - Closing the Remote Engineer Gap

Twitter - @dev3l_

Tom Bellinson - What is a Blameless Culture and Why Would I Want One: A Case Study