Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 86 - Fearing Loss of Significance

February 17, 2019

At the team level, you might be dealing with fear of change, but you will also be dealing with another fear that results from the fallout of change - what happens to our established roles and job descriptions?

  • Loss of significance is a fear that shows up in the team room and the board room.  It happens at all levels.

  • The underlying fear is not just that we might lose our jobs, but our status among the tribe.

  • We are afraid to feel ‘less than enough’ - not smart enough, not important enough - and in addition to feeling unimportant, we will actually feel like we don’t matter

  • Biologically, our need to create an indelible imprint is extremely strong.  It drives our careers, innovation, creation and service to others

  • For many, it feels unnatural to not have a purpose - and this can become more pronounced as age and rank increases

  • It shows up as ‘bruised ego’ and results in stonewalling, sabotage, self-exclusion from the tribe, and antisocial behaviour

  • To manage it, you have to connect to universal and individual senses of contribution and significance, and give people opportunities to connect them to the new world

  • Universal sources of significance - helping others, healing, creating or building, communicating, teaching, nurturing

  • Personal sources of significance are based on these, but more specific to an individual and their interests