Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 74 - Business Agility

November 05, 2018
We hear the words Business Agility a lot now - to agilists it probably makes perfect sense but there seems to be a need for better understanding and education.   I want to give you some information you can share with your teams and decision makers, and some real-world examples of how and when to apply Agile to Business.

  • Remember that the Principles of Agility Apply equally to non-technical environments

  • Almost any business domain - finance, legal, people, marketing, strategy, support/service - will be able to benefit from focused work, inspecting and adapting, delivering early and often and face-to-face communications.

  • Increasingly, businesses are adapting Agile thinking and practice to non-software, non-technical problems, so avoiding the issue won’t be an option if you want to stay competitive.

  • An Agile leader needs to know how to explain and adapt these principles to traditional business areas.