Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 38 - What Boxing Taught Me About Agile

February 26, 2018
What can we learn from the sweet science?

  • I learned more from boxing than anywhere else

  • Team sports are great, and obviously applicable, but when it comes to leadership being the best, nothing calls on your character, strength and will like a good old 1-1

  • Defence, of self-protection, does not win a fight.  There are no points for safety.

  • You have to go slow to get fast.   Tension and fear ruins absolutely everything

  • Find a good cornerman

  • Look for opportunities.  Finding and fixing your gaps, and finding and exploiting HIS gaps are the key to success.

  • Be patient, graceful, and stay in the fight.  That way, even when you lose you win.