Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 33 - Team Life II - Building Teams With Beer

January 23, 2018
A high-performing team doesn’t just evolve naturally.  What are some of the things you can do that will help kick-start team synergy, trust, and communication, even on day 1?

  • There’s a hack I use that is a hybrid of techniques for building trust, likability, understanding and acceptance

  • Take them to a bar

  • Ask 2 simple questions:

    • Why do you get up every morning and come to do this job?

    • What is something you think very few people know about you?

  • These work to expose vision and passion - usually if the first doesn’t exist, the second still does - that you can use to anchor future conversations and find common ground.

  • This technique is fast to use, easy to remember, and super effective.

  • For even greater results, establish an culture of ‘helping you get what you want’

  • If you want a truly elite team, you want some kind of crucible experience.  Easy to do in the Marines, not so easy in a corporate setting.  You’ll be surprised at my favourite substitutes.