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Episode 116
July 06, 2020

The 3 metal songs are from 3 of the best metal records this year. The AWE track is from the upcoming final AWE record. Thankfully AW will still be active on his own. Backxwash is some phenomenal new furious horrorcore that I didn't know I needed.

Episode 115
June 30, 2020

Goddamn this world is fucked. For countless reasons, I've been absent from this site and my A Thick Mist radio show. I'm rusty. Hardly experimenting here. Nothing too weird. The main difference though is there's no talk breaks.

Episode 114
March 30, 2020

This episode is pretty cool with new Jeremy Bible (!!!!), the debut from Apologist, some classic Rev. Gary Davis, Aurora Borealis recordings, Indian chants, Tolowa dances, and some new killer doom out of Boston by Sea.

Episode 113
February 28, 2020

Did you know there's a song with lyrics written/sung in Black Speech, the language spoken by the Nazgûl in Lord of the Rings? Because that's fucking awesome. Also, the short-lived closing piece of martial industrial alongside Native American chants is ...

Episode 112
February 25, 2020

New Panopticon, old Fred McDowell, Native American chants, new Post Scriptvm, old La Monte Young, talking without a larynx, strange locked grooves, strange vocalizations, old fado, old Oliveros/Dempster drone, and all sorts of other cool shit.

Episode 111
February 14, 2020

New Eluvium, new Turk Dietrich & Duane Pitre collab (First Tone), new Mamiffer, new Tim Macuga (HANL) project (Consumer), new age piano, Holocaust despair, Russian chorus, and Gullah sermons.

Episode 110 – Top Metal Records Of 2019
January 31, 2020

I played a bunch of my favorite metal records. The full Top 27 list is here, so consider this episode a 2-hour highlight reel.

Episode 109 – Top Drone Records Of 2019
January 29, 2020

I played a bunch of my favorite drone records. The full Top 27 list is here, so consider this episode a 2-hour highlight reel.

Episode 108
December 19, 2019

Lots of long songs and maybe the first time ever there's no American folk/blues to be found. Even so, there's Japanese flutes, génocidaire trial recordings, Indian ragas, nondescript LSD instructions, Finnish doom, Italian dark ambient,

Episode 107
December 10, 2019

Some especially nice pairings in this episode, including RST's drone & Haitian ritual music, Curran's Canti Illuminati alongside some Indian ragas, and Truman Capote reading over Primitive Man's dark ambient doom.