Ask a Millennial Christian

Ask a Millennial Christian

Does Doctrine Divide?

May 31, 2016

Today we are joined by Cody Almanzar, host of The Ordinary Pastor Podcast and pastor of Grace Family Church in Cañon City, Colorado.
We discuss whether doctrine divides:

* Lowest Common Denominator Christianity
* So You Obviously Have Beliefs
* We Are Denying Ourselves Deep Wells
* Can There Be Unity *and* Disagreement?
* Know What You Believe and Believe It!
* Freedom of Conscience

Key Quotes:
“If I’m wrong, I want somebody to come and show me from Scripture.”
“Are you a Calvinist?”
“Why does disagreement necessarily mean disunity?”
“I know I’m not Postmil, that I know!”
Join us and participate in the conversation!
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