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Art Beauty

Scalp Serum and Massage for Healthier Hair

June 07, 2022

When Mai Nozoe, a 20-year veteran in the fashion industry, started struggling with her hair and scalp in her 30s, she knew that stress was to blame. So she looked to her Japanese heritage for a natural solution and realized that seaweed had a multitude of benefits. 

After traveling to Japan, she linked up with a multi-generational manufacturer to create a natural, vegan scalp serum, that when combine with scalp massage, promotes healthier hair. We talk to the CEO and founder of Beautéjaponica about:

  • How stress affects hair and the hair follicle
  • The benefits of seaweed – there are over 12,000 kinds – and which she chose for her TOHI Scalp Serum formulation. 
  • Anti-aging benefits of brown algae
  • Scalp serums: how they can tone and balance your skin
  • Massage tips to stimulate blood flow to, and relax your scalp