AndPlus Digital Transformation Podcast

AndPlus Digital Transformation Podcast

Leading in the Gap: Kate Kelley, Chief Human Capital Officer, U.S. Army Futures Command

May 12, 2021

In This Podcast

Angela Spencer, SVP for AndPlus’ Digital Transformation practice, speaks with Kate Kelley, Chief Human Capital Officer, U.S. Army Futures Command. In their conversation they discuss a wide range of transformation leadership topics:

  • The role of Army Futures Command in transforming the U.S. Army
  • The challenges of transformation that are similar for the U.S. Army and for corporations
  • People being the Army’s #1 transformation priority
  • Influencing and winning hearts & minds during transformation
  • Getting comfortable with ambiguity

…and more

About the "Leading in the Gap" Series

Leading transformation is challenging work and for companies undergoing transformation, everyone is living in the gap – the gap that exists between the current state and the desired future state (i.e., where the organization aspires to be.) The responsibility of transformation leaders is to lead through this gap and bring people and organizations along the way. This brings special leadership challenges.

In the “Leading in the Gap” series you will hear from transformation leaders working in various industries and explore their thoughts and experiences about the challenges of leading in the gap, what has worked for them, lessons learned along the way, and what they wish someone had told them to better prepare for the role of leading in the gap.


Podcast Speakers

Host: Angela Spencer, SVP for AndPlus’ Digital Transformation practice.

Guest: Katharine Kelley (Kate) is the Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO), U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC), Austin, TX. She serves as the senior advisor on all aspects of Human Resources providing overall direction, guidance, theories and principles of sound Human Capital management. In this role, she is responsible for transformation strategies that align engagement, talent management, and workforce planning tailored to the Army Modernization Enterprise. She leads an empowered team of Human Resources professionals supporting a workforce of 20,000 located in both the United States and overseas. Kate has served in connection with the U.S. Army for more than 20 years, from active duty as an officer to civilian to contractor, and her distinguished career has resulted in numerous honors and medals.