And Friends on Radio Misfits

And Friends on Radio Misfits

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And Friends – The Bonga Dongas!
January 06, 2021

Samuel shares a surprisingly happy story from Florida about a man and a plane.  Tommy reviews a classic snack that’s come back into the limelight. Kimmy gives a sex knowledge test to the boys! All only on “And Friends!” (Ep63)

And Friends – Morbidness and Monoliths
December 30, 2020

Kimmy shares things people have shoved inside themselves. Tommy cheerily explains what happens to us when we die. Samuel gives an interesting lesson on toothpaste. All only on “And Friends!” (Ep62)

And Friends – Jolly AF Holiday Friendstravaganza 2020
December 23, 2020

Tommy gives a review of each holiday. Samuel thinks that assault and battery sound better than attempted murder. Kimmy explains how you can send a version of yourself to your family for the holidays.  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep61)

And Friends – You Feta Believe It!
December 16, 2020

Samuel expresses his passion for cheese with a dip into cheese history. Kimmy gets a little too excited to learn how to kill people legally. Tommy reviews a game that is definitely not porn. All only on “And Friends!” (Ep60)

And Friends – Centaur-boys or faun-girls?
December 02, 2020

Tommy seeks to learn how to snowboard. Samuel looks back at prior snowmageddon. Kimmy makes a game out of sex talk. All only on “And Friends!” (Ep59)

And Friends – Re: Regret
November 25, 2020

Samuel explains why someone from Florida shouldn’t be allowed to time travel.  Kimmy teaches an age-old traditional holiday called “Blackout Wednesday.”  Tommy reminds everyone of a great past time: laser tag.  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep58)

And Friends – Keybört
November 18, 2020

Tommy teaches everyone about Klaus Veen. Kimmy gives out the top 20 reasons why people have sex. Samuel asks the big question on whomst let the dogs out.  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep57)

And Friends – Approved Podcast Material
November 11, 2020

█████ gets everyone turned on with Keanu Reeves. █████ wants to know what items are on our bucket list. ██████ gets dark in this week’s Florida stories, but not before talking about pirates All only on “And Friends!” (Ep56)

And Friends – Big Cat Trouble In Little Florida
November 04, 2020

Tommy gets everyone to expose themselves. Kimmy looks at safe sex during COVID.  Samuel tells the tales of Florida, Florida, Florida.  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep55)

And Friends – Fry em Up Cook em Up Put em On A Skillet
October 28, 2020

Tommy talks about eating humans. Kimmy learns about bukaki. Samuel quizzes on their brand knowledge.  All only on “And Friends!” (Ep54)