AFCI Podcast

AFCI Podcast

Episode 6: Live From Creativation (Part 2) - The Ultimate Pitch Finalists

March 28, 2018

Join us for our second ever live broadcast, from Creativation 2018, as Jason interviews the Ultimate Pitch Finalists. The Ultimate Pitch was held on January 22 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona during Creativation, the largest creative industries trade event in North America.

The Ultimate Pitch was judged by executives from major retail and manufacturing brands. The judges were Brigid English from The Michaels Companies; Christopher DiTullio from JOANN; Danica Lichtenwalner from the Home Shopping Network (HSN); Christine Stoelting from Crayola, LLC; and Victoria Katsarou from

Four finalists were chosen for The Ultimate Pitch from a pool of 12 entrepreneurs who were showcasing a unique product or idea in the Innovations Center at Creativation. The other three finalists were:

  • Yee Wong, inventor of DIY Frame Art Drawing Pad: a patent-pending drawing pad that upgrades the sketchbook by turning the flat paper into a 3D frame art ready for display.

  • Marlene Tabibian, inventor of Flex Knit: a patented, flexible and ergonomic straight knitting needle designed to improve comfort during knitting by enabling bending with resiliency at the wrist level.

  • Sofia Magnusson and Marielle Jensen, inventors of The Folklore Company: a website where customers can design a personal cross-stitch pattern in an easy, unique, and modern way.

Actress Kerry Cahill, who can be seen on The Walking Dead as Dianne, hosted the competition. Cahill is an advocate for Help Heal Veterans, an organization that provides free therapeutic craft kits to US veterans, and was recently named the national spokesperson for AmVets.

The BowVy Cutter was ultimately awarded the $10,000 as Top Creative Innovation of 2018.