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Episode 34: The Looted Tomb - Adventure Hook
October 07, 2019

Today's Hook: The tomb of a local hero has been looted but no one knows what was taken. submitted by: Craig Butler In this episode we toy with four ideas. There is a lich desperate to find its lost phylactery in the guts of a dead thief,

Episode 33: The Historian from the Future - Adventure Hook
September 23, 2019

Today’s Hook: A visitor claiming to be a historian from the future is here to observe the great heroes that helped shape his civilization. Details surrounding the PCs’ demise are the parts he’s hoping to gain historical clarification on

Episode 32: The Ex - Adventure Hook
September 09, 2019

Today's Hook: Your crazy ex is in town looking for an adventuring group to rescue their current significant other Hellblazer ends up being a pretty big influence on this episode.  So yeah, that means demon babies and fairies.

Episode 31: Trial by Combat - Adventure Hook
August 26, 2019

Today’s Hook: A powerful aristocrat, defended by an undefeated champion, regularly relies on Trial by Combat to justify his terrible crimes. Would you put your life on the line for the sake of Justice? - For this episode of Adventure Hook,

Episode 30: The Flock of Birds - Adventure Hook
August 12, 2019

Today's Hook: A flock of birds have made a fantastic flight entrance into town, land on the roof tops and tree tops, and fall to the ground dead. -submitted by Robin Feins It's an all ages show today as we create six games geared toward new and yo...

Episode 29: Full Disclosure - Adventure Hook
July 29, 2019

Today’s Hook: GM’s Choice! And this time the choice was to delve into one of America’s most potent modern mythologies… theConspiracy Theory. There is no longer such a thing as a Conspiracy Theorist… there are now only ConspiracyDeniers! -

Episode 28: Dead or Alive - Adventure Hook
July 15, 2019

Todays Hook: Dead or Alive is generally not a choice you can give a bounty without the situation turning sideways especially when they turn out to be a sorcerer.  -submitted by @npc_an Rob and Aaron take this opportunity to build a campaign around...

Episode 27: The Glowing Rock - Adventure Hook
June 24, 2019

Today’s Hook: Your party comes to a village where everyone is just standing around holding a glowing rock and staring and smiling at it. [Submitted by: Mason Radcliffe @masonrad] What in the name of [DEITY NOT FOUND] is going on here?

Episode 26: Burn Down City Hall - Adventure Hook
June 10, 2019

Today's Hook: You've only been in town for a day when the city hall burns down. The secluded townsfolk of this little village see very few visitors and immediately assume you to be the culprit. - Submitted by @DraconikGaming -

Episode 25: The Portrait Artist - Adventure Hook
May 20, 2019

Today’s Hook: An artist wanders through town drawing portraits of anyone who wants one, but shortly after he leaves, the people he drew begin to disappear. [Submitted by: Craig A. Butler] SPOILER ALERT!!!