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The True Story of That First Thanksgiving and What We can Teach Ourselves and Our Children Today
November 25, 2020

As you sit down with your family to eat your hearty Thanksgiving meal, first serve them a dish with just 5 kernels of corn (It’s part of the story to come).When they see the plate and react (oh yes they will!), let them hear or tell them this story, e...

400 Years Later and We Still Remember - But Why?
November 22, 2020

With all the people, all the places all the experiences we have in our lives to remember, why do we still remember those people, the Pilgrims, who came to America all the way back in 1620 - exactly 400 years ago this week?  I have my reason why I believ..

"The Cinderella Man"
November 07, 2020

Can Courage and Determination Overcome Absolute Power?  Listen to this story of one "washed up" 30 year old boxer who met that force in the ring.

"The Scariest American Halloween Ever"
October 30, 2020

Just how powerful is the emotion of fear?  This is one true story you won't believe. 

"The Cuban Missile Crisis"
October 28, 2020

Did you know there was a time in our America when Russian missiles were delivered to Cuba, just 90 miles from Florida, atomic missiles set to be pointed, perhaps to be fired at America? 

"Being Honorable"
October 03, 2020

If they built a monument for you, what would it look like?

Saving Our Nation by Encouraging Our Youth
September 25, 2020

Our next generation is the youth of our nation.  Are we teaching them to be good citizens or are we teaching them to be respectful?

"One Nation Under God"
September 10, 2020

Our nation was built with God's Help!  Why do we want to take Him out of the places where we need Him the most?

"Where Were You?"
September 10, 2020

This is a memory that no one should forget! It brought our nation together and we need to remember how to come together as a nation in hard times.  

"What Happened on July 20, 1969"
July 24, 2020

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