Jerry Stewart USA

Jerry Stewart USA

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Hey Joe, What About Us?
April 19, 2021

What are we to do when our country is so busy working to help others from outside our country, while at the same time, not taking care of the needy in our own country.  That is wrong! Here is a perfect example.

"The Fall of Greatness"
January 27, 2021

There is no doubt that America is a nation - the greatest in the world - perhaps the greatest ever. But what happens if we are losing our greatness, and if we are how close are we from the end? 

"Red Square"
January 26, 2021

I have been around over 70 years in America and I love this nation with all my heart, but I am very concerned.  Why?  Because with each new event and happening and rule made in our nation, we look less and less like the America I love.Listen to this:

"25K Troops"
January 25, 2021

Am I the only one who sees it, or did you also notice something about the Presidential Inauguration just didn't look right. 

"Here Die 40 Men For Christ"
January 15, 2021

Is there anything that you feel strongly enough about that you would die for it?  A cause, a belief?    Few of us today in America really know much of anything about sacrificing to the point of death, but there are stories in history that tell us amazing.

"Lost at Christmas"
December 04, 2020

The story of an 8 year old boy who gets lost from his family at Christmas and to this day, believes the person who saved him was really an angel disguised as a policeman.   Listen to the story and tell me what you think.  

The Thanksgiving Hitchhiker
November 28, 2020

He was a big, scruffy man on the side of the road with his thumb stuck out. I don't know why, but I was I "told" to pick him up .   Why would I pick up such a scary person and where was I to take him?    This is a true story you won't soon forget. Jerry.

The True Story of That First Thanksgiving and What We can Teach Ourselves and Our Children Today
November 25, 2020

As you sit down with your family to eat your hearty Thanksgiving meal, first serve them a dish with just 5 kernels of corn (It’s part of the story to come). When they see the plate and react (oh yes they will!), let them hear or tell them this story, e.

400 Years Later and We Still Remember - But Why?
November 22, 2020

With all the people, all the places all the experiences we have in our lives to remember, why do we still remember those people, the Pilgrims, who came to America all the way back in 1620 - exactly 400 years ago this week?  I have my reason why I believ..

"The Cinderella Man"
November 07, 2020

Can Courage and Determination Overcome Absolute Power?  Listen to this story of one "washed up" 30 year old boxer who met that force in the ring.