Mark, My Words!

Mark, My Words!

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Mark, My Words Episode 35 Jeff Powell, CEO of Diamond Vogel
March 31, 2021

Join me as I discuss raw material and finished go…

Mark, My Words! Episode 34 Grant Farnsworth of THE Farnsworth Group
March 24, 2021

Join me as I chat with Grant Farnsworth of the Fa…

MMW Episode 33-C2 "Dealer Select"
March 04, 2021

Tom Hill, President of C2 Paint speaks about thei…

MMW Episode 31-PPG is Dropped By C2
February 22, 2021

Hear C2 President Tom Hill discuss the why the Co…

MMW Episode 31 Diamond Vogel CEO Jeff Powell
February 03, 2021

I speak with CEO of Diamond Vogel paints, Jeff Po…

MMW Episode 30 - Golden Paint Works
January 06, 2021

I sit with Director of Brands at Golden Paint Wor…

MMW Episode 29-The Paint Foundation
December 07, 2020

I speak to Huzaifa Matawala of the Not-For-Profit…

Mark My Words Episode 28 - The Coatings Alliance
October 22, 2020

President of the Coatings Alliance and C2 Paint T…

MMW Episode 27 Jay Ward-Ward Lumber
October 08, 2020

MMW Episode 27 Jay Ward-Ward Lumber by Mark Lipton

MMW Episode 26 Nick May PPN
September 24, 2020

MMW Episode 26 Nick May PPN by Mark Lipton