Being Awesome with Rob Springer

Being Awesome with Rob Springer

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Transform Squadron 022 – Predaking’s Stupid Foot
July 06, 2020

Rob's back from moving with talks of unpacking Transformers and online kaiju conventions.

Transform Squadron 021- PVC
May 05, 2020

This month Rob talks about various Star Wars things before marveling at the amount of Transformers he wants to buy. Podcasts are exciting things, huh?

Transform Squadron 020 – Henshin Gorilla
April 08, 2020

This month Rob talks about Playmates Godzilla toys and Vigilante by Irem. He also rambles about Ghostbusters toys and stuff he got for his birthday. It's a rambling sort of time.

Transform Squadron 019 – I’ve got all the hand sanitizer
March 09, 2020

This month: Rob discusses Playmobil Scooby Doo blind bag figures, and the OTFCC Alpha and Omega Spears. Well that and he drifts on and off subject like a million times. Things happen.

Transform Squadron 018 – I don’t want an HHH
February 05, 2020

This month: Rob talks Toylanta, Masters of the Universe and Transformers with a dash of Aliens and a few other select herbs and spices! Save the Earth and listen!

Transform Squadron 017 – New Years Evil
January 13, 2020

This month: Rob talks about fun stuff in 2020!

Transform Squadron 016 – Christmas Chaos
December 11, 2019

Rob talks King Kong vs Godzilla before gushing over the Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer. Then goes into the Christmas blind bag display by Hasbro at Kroger full of Transformers and Power Rangers!

Transform Squadron 015 – Ugly Friend
November 06, 2019

This month Rob discusses Godzilla turning 65, Madballs at Sonic restaurants, Transformers bag clip figures at Dollar Tree, and Botbots. Clearly life-changing material.

Transform Squadron 014 – Trick X Treat
October 09, 2019

On this glorious October edition of the show, Rob talks Halloween duh. Actually he briefly talks Rangerstop Atlanta 2020, Transformers Earthrise, and new Bandai Godzilla toys and then talks Halloween. His favorite Halloween special event!

Transform Squadron 013 – Transform Squadron the 13th
September 10, 2019

This month Rob discusses Mad Lab minis, Cyberverse Deadlock and shopping at his local stores for Halloween stuff before going into some of the times Transformers crossed paths with Friday the 13th. It's ki ki ki ma ma ma and it's the podcast of Zone Base!