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Unexpected Twist: COVID Contraction, Heroic Rescue and Reflections from a Sheriff's Convention
October 16, 2023

Ever been party to an unexpected twist of fate? Well, Imagine attending a Sheriff's Association conference, only to contract COVID from a fellow attendee. That's precisely what happened to me and Captain Chop, all thanks to Jared, and it led to

Enforcing Law with a Laugh: Chronicles of Bubba J
October 12, 2023

Ever wondered about the perils and hilarity of supervising a character like Bubba J? Pull up a chair and listen as Jake and I, fellow supervisors of the infamous Bubba J, regale you with tales of near disasters with Jared's truck, half-done yard jobs

Opioid Epidemic Unveiled: An Unsettling Dive into Purdue Pharma, Fentanyl, and Grassroots of Marijuana Industry
October 09, 2023

Ready for a harsh truth? We are losing the battle against the opioid epidemic. From first responders on the frontlines to our communities ravaged by this crisis, we are all deeply affected. In our latest episode, we lift the veil on the dishonesty of Purd

Justice System's Struggles: Weak Punishments and Rising Crime
October 05, 2023

Do you perceive the magnitude of the challenges and dangers faced by our brave first responders in their line of duty? Today's episode takes a hard look at a recent unfortunate incident involving a sheriff's deputy in Cleveland County who was sh

Law Enforcement Burnout Pt. 2
September 28, 2023

Ever questioned why first responders seem to have an extraordinary sense of humor? Ever wondered about the mental health tolls that come with being on the front lines of law enforcement? Join us as we unveil the realities and complexities of police work f

Law Enforcement Burnout Pt. 1
September 25, 2023

What if the true cost of maintaining law and order was more than you ever imagined? Join us for a gripping conversation on the emotional, physical and psychological toll the profession of law enforcement takes on those who don the uniform. In a career kno

Meet The Real Captain Chop
September 21, 2023

Ever wondered if there's a lighter side to being a first responder?" Buckle up for a wild, hilarious ride as we illustrate the absurd moments, like our recounting of the infamous serial killer bathtub case! We promise heaps of laughter as we tea

Captain Chops Most Bizarre Case
September 18, 2023

Hey there listeners! Ever wondered what a milk bath has to do with first response work or law enforcement officers' everyday situations? Well, buckle up because we're about to take you for a wild ride through some of the most unpredictable, amus

Strand is Back!
September 14, 2023

Get ready to buckle up and laugh out loud as we navigate the absurd, hilarious, and sometimes downright stupid side of first response with Captain and O Strand. From the hardworking Bubba J who barely has a day off, to Renix's obsession with the gym,

Hilarious Pranks and Serious Consequences in Law Enforcement
September 11, 2023

Ever found yourself on the verge of losing your job due to a hilarious prank gone awry? Well, we've got some rib-tickling stories from our law enforcement days that will make your stomach hurt from laughter! Picture this - patrol cars blasting NWA, t