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3Sixty Insights

#HRTechChat with Adriana DiNenno of Infor

November 20, 2021

Adriana DiNenno was our guest for this, the latest episode of the 3Sixty Insights video podcast. Adriana has an intriguing dual role at Infor. As product manager of Infor People Solutions, she plays a leading role in informing the development of Infor's solutions for talent in the workforce. She also helped found and co-chairs Infor People Wellbeing, an internal group focused on -- as the name implies -- supporting positive employee sentiment there. Note that the word is people, not employees. Increasingly, vendors and customers of software for human capital management are officially referring to their employees as their people, a more human term.

As co-chair, Adriana had a vision to help create a place where Infor's people can prioritize their mental health insomuch as it intersects with their work life. It's an area often overlooked in the world of work. She quickly came to the realization, however, that Infor People Wellbeing would and needed to encompass the full gamut of wellbeing -- not just the mental health aspect, but the physical, the financial, the environmental, and the social. "There are all these dimensions of employee well being," she says. "So there couldn't be a better name than Infor People Wellbeing," which happened to fit perfectly with the area of product she helps manage (again, Infor People Solutions).

As we have learned on #HRTechChat over the past year, most roads in the employee experience lead to the intersection of concrete and abstract HCM -- the idea that easily and not-so-easily quantifiable activities in HCM are interconnected and holistically bear on organizational success. Over the course of our conversation, Adriana and I brainstormed several not-so-hypothetical examples, and it's worth noting: An organization's people's overall wellbeing may not be easy to quantify in a way that shows the potential impact on the business, and yet employee wellbeing undoubtedly affects productivity.

I very much enjoyed chatting with Adriana, a dynamic member of the team at Infor, and encourage everyone here to view the full episode.