For the Love of Podcast

For the Love of Podcast

How to Grow a Podcast with Paid Advertising - with Julian Espinosa

October 13, 2021

Julian helps podcasters grow their show from hundreds of listeners to hundreds of thousands of listeners

He is the founder of Growth Hacker, a company that finds and implements fast/cost-effective ways to generate more revenue.

Their goal with each company they work with is to generate a positive return on investment as quickly as they can with as little investment as possible.

They use not conventional and innovative methods and believe in being open-minded to relentless testing to determine what strategies will yield the best return.

A veteran of paid advertising, e-commerce, and internet marketing, Julian teaches people how to use the internet to improve their lives and businesses.

In the process, he’s helped to drive millions of users, visitors, and dollars in revenue.

He’s able to blend his business and marketing knowledge with a creative sensibility to help change the game. And now, he’s all in on podcasting so we will dive deep into what he has found to be the best strategies to grow a podcast in 2021.