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Dale Vince's Zerocarbonista

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Episode 2 - Mad Hatter's Tea Party
September 23, 2022

We recorded this just after the UK government's mini budget. What the hell is going on?  The lads attempt to digest the indigestible news.  And don’t forget, fracking is back too. - even when Cuadrilla’s former boss says it won’t work in Britain. You

NEW SERIES - Episode 1 - The Devil is in the Detail
September 16, 2022

It’s been quite a summer, new PM, new energy policy and plenty more.  We talk about how Europe is handling the energy price crisis – and why a windfall tax is proving more popular on the continent. Also, find out what would happen if Dale was King.  Your

Live from WOMAD
August 11, 2022

To end season 3 we took to a field in Wiltshire and spoke about life, the universe and the mess our world is in. We got to chat with some listeners too.  Back in September 2022 with season 4.

Episode 40 - The Final Lap
July 26, 2022

In the final (normal) episode of season 3 we discuss taking the government’s net zero plans to court, Rishi vs Liz, why the UK’s heatwave was far worse than 1976 and lots lots more.

Episode 39 - Choose from the unchooseable
July 14, 2022

We discuss the runners and riders for our new PM and feel a bit sad about it. Is it time for another election? With UK temperatures potentially breaking record highs, we wonder what more proof climate change deniers need? There’s an electric hovercraft up

Episode 38 - Bring in the Baker?
July 08, 2022

What a week - we digest the news of the government’s implosion, and wonder what this  means for the push for net zero.  We also talk superbugs found in meat, food companies attempting to cover up how unhealthy their products are, and much more

Episode 37 - Pulling the other way
July 01, 2022

We start with news that offshore wind is going to push up the price of fish and chips - as UK government revs up to scrap important environmental law because of “red tape” - but continues to ignore recommendations to boost home insulation.  We answer your

Episode 36 - Frack a Koala
June 23, 2022

It's been two weeks since the last episode and Dale's been busy - find out about his adventures in Austria and in the Houses of Parliament.  We look at some great changes in Australia - with a government that finally seems to get it.  There&apos

Episode 35 - I'll be back
June 10, 2022

Experts say there isn’t enough being done to improve energy efficiency - so naturally we find out what Dale thinks about it.  Ian can’t believe what he’s hearing when Dale reveals he’s off to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger in Vienna, but he’ll be back.  We ta

Episode 34 - Services to Arse-Clownery
June 02, 2022

It’s Jubilee Weekend in the UK - and Dale’s pondering what you need to do for your country to get recognised. We talk about our big green gas news - and why so many people seem to be in love with heat pumps.  We also discover that tobacco isn’t just bad f