Your Space Journey

Your Space Journey

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Artemis I – Reaching the Moon & Beyond with SLS
August 04, 2022

In this episode we’ll discuss NASA’s upcoming Artemis 1 mission, scheduled to launch no earlier than the end of this month. The Space Launch System rocket, or “SLS” will propel the Orion spacecraft on its mission around the Moon and back to Earth. Artemis

TOP GUN: MAVERICK - The Aerospace Journey of Aerial Coordinator Kevin LaRosa II
June 29, 2022

Kevin LaRosa II is the Aerial Coordinator & Camera Pilot for Top Gun: Maverick. He’s one of Hollywood’s most sought-after pilot and aerial coordinators, licensed to fly a variety of aircraft ranging from helicopters and airplanes to Learjets and more.

Starlink Internet – Is it right for you?
April 27, 2022

Two Starlinks, two locations, two slightly different results. In this episode I tested out Starlink internet in two locations 1,000 miles apart. First we try it out in central Florida, then we go to I

What is the Solar Wind? Tribute to Dr. Eugene Parker – Visionary Heliophysicist & Solar Wind Pioneer
April 15, 2022

This is a tribute to the late solar astrophysicist Dr. Eugene Parker, featuring my interview with him from 2018. In the mid-1950s Dr. Parker developed the theory of the supersonic solar wind and predi

SPACE JUNK: How Privateer plans to protect the space environment – Interview with Dr. Moriba Jah
March 30, 2022

In today’s episode we’ll explore the growing problem of space junk and how the new company Privateer Space is working to help make space safer. Joining us today is Dr. Moriba Jah, the Chief Scientist

SpaceX Polaris Dawn Crew Interview Scott “Kidd” Poteet, Mission Pilot
March 16, 2022

In today’s episode we’ll speak with Scott “Kidd” Poteet, a Mission Pilot for the new SpaceX Polaris Program. Kidd is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with more than 3,000 flying hours as a

James Webb Space Telescope – Interview with Lee Feinberg, Optical Telescope Element Manager
February 17, 2022

What kind of discoveries can we expect from the James Webb Space Telescope? Find out in our interview with Lee Feinberg, James Webb’s Optical Telescope Element Manager. Lee Feinberg has been the Optic

Rocket Boy Homer Hickam – Don’t Blow Yourself Up!
December 14, 2021

Interview with best-selling author Homer Hickam Homer Hickam is the New York Times #1 best-selling author of 19 books, including ‘Rocket Boys’ which became the major motion picture ‘October Sky’, star

SpaceX Crew-3: Interview with Pilot Dr. Thomas Marshburn
October 08, 2021

Interview with SpaceX Crew-3 pilot Tom Marshburn Crew-3 Launch currently scheduled for November 2021. Dr. Thomas Marshburn is the pilot of the Crew Dragon spacecraft and second in command for the Spac

COLONIES IN SPACE – The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill
September 12, 2021

A new documentary about the pioneer of human colonies in space In this episode we dive into the new award-winning documentary about inspirational physics professor Gerry K. O’Neill. Gerry was a Prince