Your Financial Plan-It

Your Financial Plan-It

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Navigating The Holidays With Sarah Zvekan, Alex Burns and Jordann Andrusiak
December 02, 2022

The holidays are an exciting time of the year. Maybe you enjoy; spending time with friends and family, enjoying delicious food, or shopping for those best gifts. In this episode, the team at Synergy C

Identifying Cybersecurity Threats With Sarah Khan
November 11, 2022

Staying up to date on phishing and vishing scams, malware, ransomware, and other computer threats is absolutely necessary to keep your finances and identity safe. In this episode, David Vallieres talk

2022 Q4 Market Update With Mark Burns and Eric Nahat
October 07, 2022

Are we currently in a recession or are we headed towards a recession? Because of the economic cycles and changes, there are always times where the market goes through good and bad periods, thats one

Planning For The Costs of College With Sarah Zvekan
September 16, 2022

According to CNBC, a college education is now the second largest expense that an individual is going to make in a lifetime. With college costs increasing, more families know they have to have a plan t

Controlling Your Budget and Spending With Alex Burns, CFP®
August 19, 2022

It is vital to control your finances with all the uncertainty in the markets. In this episode, David Vallieres talks with Alex Burns, an advisor at Synergy Capital Solutions. Alex explains the importa

2022 Q2 Market Update With Eric Nahat
July 08, 2022

It can help to focus on logic and long term planning since the markets are constantly changing. In this episode, David Vallieres talks with Eric Nahat, an advisor and director of the investment commit

The Growing Business of Insurance with Dr. Jeffrey Allen, CFP®
June 17, 2022

When it comes to financial planning, insurance is a necessary evil in planning for your future. In this episode, David Vallieres chats once more with Dr. Jeffrey Allen, CFP, on insurance and risk ma

Integrating Social Security Into Your Planning Process With Dr. Jeffrey Allen, CFP®
May 27, 2022

Having a solid understanding of Social Security is vital to supporting a successful wealth strategy. It helps to have a clear picture of when to start collecting and how much you will be receiving to

2022 Q1 Market Update With Eric Nahat
April 29, 2022

There is always going to be uncertainty in the market with all the moving parts, not only within the economy but equities and fixed income. In this episode, David Vallieres chats with Eric Nahat, an a

Honoring Women in Finance for International Women’s Month With Sarah Zvekan
March 25, 2022

Women now control about a third of the worlds wealth and over half of the wealth in the United States. A lot has changed over the years and we want to take the time to recognize the work from generat