You're 86

You're 86

Episode 8.5: Wellness, inspiration, empathy and opening a bar

May 25, 2019

My neighborhood corner store has some surprising wine selections. Including this Rhone blend.

Hey guys! It's been a busy month as per usual. Lots of amazing guests and a ton of great information. We spoke with Tanya Clark, founder of Jigger and Dash Wellness about how to lead a healthier life in the industry, Suzu about how to stay fresh and creative in your career, Todd Carnam, beverage director at The Interval about empathy in customer service, and Simi Grewal, co-founder of DECANT SF, about how she started her own business. I wanted to do another quick recap episode for you all, it's hard to remember everything and repetition is your best friend when you're trying to learn.

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We've got some exciting stuff coming up, including: A conversation about how to have a career as a bartender when you have a family, what to do when guys hit on you while you're working, all the challenges of working at a brand new bar, and more! We'll see you next time!