Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

The Resilience Shield with Ex Special Forces Doctor Dan Pronk

August 23, 2021

Dan Pronk served 4 tours of Afghanistan as a Special Operations doctor, spending many days saving and losing fellow soldiers through more than 100 combat missions.

Dan, his brother Ben and veteran, Tim Curtis, have just released their book, ‘The Resilience Shield’ - A mix of enthralling stories and practical instructions breaking down methods we can all use to build genuine resilience.

Dan thrived in the most extreme high stress environments and found the rampant intensity of battle so enticing that he felt he had to keep going back for more. 

When he was in the thick of it, witnessing all the death and destruction destruction seemed like water off a ducks back, but Dan’s trauma was building all along till it finally caught up with him. 

Dan is a prime example of post traumatic growth, the positive flip side of post traumatic stress we don’t often hear about. 

Very few of us have survived the worst of the worst like Dan has, but we all faces challenges in our lives with the potential to break us and we all need a Resilience Shield.