Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

The War Inside with Nathan Bolton

May 24, 2021

Nathan Bolton is a former soldier who served two tours of Afghanistan as a Special Operations Engineer in the Australian Special Forces.

His primary objective was to find and clear improvised explosive devices planted across the battlefield by the enemy and it led to him to coming within literally an inch of death.

Surviving such horror caused Nathan significant trauma, but he didn't know it at the time. Having never learned to process his emotions, he'd instead been conditioned to bottle it all up and get on with the job. After getting home from his second tour, Nathan wasn't the same...

Suddenly he was experiencing fits of rage and being overwhelmed by a whirlwind of feelings and deep pain he couldn't understand. He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depression. Another battle that almost claimed his life...

But he held on - and through years of intense self-work, eventually rebuilt himself as a new man, capable of more than he ever imagined. Now the co-owner of Bolton Brothers psychology practice for men and a champion of positive mental health, Nathan shares the story of who he was, what he went through and who he's become - A stunning example of personal transformation.