Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Beyond The Game with Dyl Buckley

April 20, 2021

Dylan Buckley is a former AFL player who's life has gone down a path he never imagined...

Since his school days, Dyl believed he was destined to play professional footy and that belief turned into a reality when he was swept into the league as a teenager.
With his self worth totally wrapped up in his on-field performance, he found himself struggling to keep it together when he wasn't playing up to his standards and didn't know who he was beyond the game.

Eventually he was de-listed by Carlton after 4 years with the club and having put all his eggs in one basket, there was no back-up plan to turn to.
Dyl was soon picked up by another club only to be de-listed again, but by that time he'd discovered an unlikely passion that would lead him on to bigger and better things - becoming the host of what is now one of the top podcasts in Australia, 'Dyl & Friends'.

His twenties have been a rollercoaster of self discovery and it turns out he's not who he thought he always had to be...He's better.