Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters

Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters

Depression Doesn't Need A Reason with Luke Spajic

May 30, 2020

There's a misconception that people only get depression when something terrible happens to them...

But for some depression slowly takes hold for no obvious reason at all.

What would you do if all the experiences and people that have always brought you joy suddenly didn't anymore?

How would your view of yourself start to change if every inconvenience that never used to bother you started to cause overpowering frustration?

And how would you find the strength to carry on if every minute of the day became a debilitating battle in your mind that you couldn't understand?

This is the nightmare that became Luke's reality.

He'd always been happy and healthy. He'd grown up in a good home with a loving family and friends and he had a bright future ahead of him. But none of that made any difference to depression quietly seeping into his life and becoming a dark filter over everything he'd ever known.

Luke is a proud survivor of the darkest chapter in his life that no one ever saw coming and now that he's on the other side, he's never been more grateful to be alive.

This is his story.