Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters

Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters

Dr Happy's Coronavirus Guide To Happiness

April 28, 2020

Most of us are having a harder time than usual being happy right now and it can feel like that’s largely out of our control. But as my guest Dr Happy says, we shouldn’t rule out happiness, even with the odds against us.

Dr Tim sharp is the man in positive psychology. He’s got a PHD and is the Chief Happiness Officer of the Happiness Institute, which he founded. That makes him him an internationally sought after authority when it comes to understanding and talking about happiness, he’s written well known books on the subject including ‘habits for happiness’ - basically it doesn’t get more happy than this guy - but even he gets depressed...

Dr Happy might just have the prescription for your woes as you navigate this weird and troubling time - or if not a remedy, at least some reassurance and practical advice to lighten the load.