Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters

Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters

Creating Calm In Chaos with Meditation Master Tom Cronin

April 01, 2020

Tom Cronin is a world renowned meditation master and exactly the kind of guy you want to hear words of wisdom from when facing an unprecedented global catastrophe.

Everywhere you turn there are triggers for anxiety, stress, pain and more reasons to be fearful and uncertain than you're likely to have ever had before.The last thing many of us are at the moment is calm and that's perfectly natural when confronted by a pandemic and economic crisis that's turned life as we know it on its head. BUT there are simple things we can do to adjust our mindset and practices we can adopt to ease what can feel like an overwhelming burden baring down on us.

Tom is the man to show us how and it all starts with controlling something we're all already doing...breathing.