Yes Chef, with Chad Kubanoff

Yes Chef, with Chad Kubanoff

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A Micro Pod, debating Culinary School and an update with Chef Adam Diltz and his Restaurant Elwood
November 21, 2018

I had the opportunity to stop in and check on Chef Adam Diltz to see how the development of his upcoming restaurant Elwood in Philadelphia was coming along.  He also wanted to share his thoughts on Culinary School after hearing my opinion  in a recent ...

Wild Herbs, Natural Medicines, Floral Syrups and Herbal Hydrosols with the Team at Barefoot Botanicals, Doylestown PA
July 01, 2018

This weeks interview is featuring Linda and Eric from Barefoot Botanicals farm in Doylestown, Pa.  Linda is an Herbalist while Eric is an engineer and plumber.   Together they have created a farm dedicated to growing and teaching about the medicinal an...

A Chef Gets His Freedom with Eric Leveillee and Sous Chef Kieran O’Sullivan
June 23, 2018

I had the  opportunity to sit down with Chef Eric Leveillee and sous chef Kieran, just 2 weeks after they took over Marigold Kitchen in West Philadelphia.  Chef Leveillee spent the last few years at Whetstone Tavern in Queen Village,