Episode 8: Interview with McMinnville City Councilor Kellie Menke

October 02, 2020

Part 1: Highlights of Kellie’s history on the City Council

Part 2: McMinnville’s Covid response; Fire Department

Part 3: Homelessness and Housing

In Part 1, Kellie discusses some of her history on the Council, including starting the audit committee, as well as her work with the “What Do You Think” campaign, City Fair, transportation bond, Bypass committee, and more. In Part 2 she talks about some of the city’s efforts to help residents and businesses during the Covid pandemic, including the hoteling program, business grants, etc. She also details some of the city’s history with the Fire Department, and what is currently being considered to improve the funding issues. In Part 3, Kellie discusses some of the city’s past and ongoing responses to the homeless issue.


McMinnville City Council


McMinnville Economic Vitality Leadership Council


Kellie Menke – campaign website



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