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Episode 49 – Licensed from the 80’s
April 15, 2020

Growing up in the 1980s, Justin and Mike latched onto tons of different IPs in various incarnations. From cartoons to movies and even commercials, the nostalgia of the 80s has never burned brighter for our generation. Even newer generations are looking ba

Episode 48 – The Music of Final Fantasy VII (feat. Knight of the Round)
April 01, 2020

Hailed as one of the greatest video game experiences ever, Final Fantasy VII was a game changer. It revolutionized the Japanese Role Playing Game market and the art of storytelling in a video game at the time of its released. Now, almost 23 years later, w

Episode 47 – Konami Unleashed in the East! W/ Dan Laughton
March 18, 2020

There’s plenty of Konami classics that never made their way outside of Japan. We could probably do an entire episode like this featuring the Ganbare Goemon series! However, today we’ll be focusing our efforts on two shoot ‘em ups (SHMUPS, Shooters, Shmupd

Episode 46 – Reverse Picks!
March 04, 2020

When co-hosts pick tracks on a video game music podcast, it’s typically songs they enjoy. But what if you tried to guess which picks your co-host would pick? In this episode, Justin and Mike reverse their picks, allowing Mike to pick tracks he thinks Just

Episode 45 -Series Spotlight on Rhythm Heaven w/ Nikotengoku!
February 19, 2020

In the mid-2000s, Nintendo threw their rhythm-based games hat into the mix with the Game Boy Advance Japanese exclusive, Rhythm Tengoku. The franchise eventually was brought to other regions of the world, and with it, a smorgasbord of tasty audible treats

Episode 44 – Valfaris w/ Composer Curt Victor Bryant
February 05, 2020

What oozes neon, smells of decaying bugs and gives you a neck injury? Why, it’s Valfaris, of course! Released in 2019, Valfaris brought a 1980’s Heavy Metal Magazine aesthetic to the run-n-gun genre, and along with it came an equally brutal, tranquil, and

Episode 43 – The Sounds of the FM Towns
January 22, 2020

Japanese computer systems and consoles rarely coincide, but when it comes to Fujitsu, the two go hand in hand. Meet the FM Towns Computer System and the FM Towns Marty Console. Two systems with similar audio components that take the best of the 16 bit era

Episode 42 – Sierra, an Audio History
January 08, 2020

Sierra Games is heralded as one of the premiere adventure game developers and publishers that existed. Deep care went into the development of the games they created, thanks to a husband and wife creative partnership between Ken and Roberta Williams. Toget

Episode 41 – Winter Trax
December 25, 2019

The XVGM Radio boys get into the festive spirit by choosing tons of awesomely epic winter and/or holiday themed tracks to get you in the mood, no matter what you celebrate! Listen in as Mike and Justin chat about the mysterious “Furniss Flare”. Hear the g

Episode 40 – Free Picks Again 再び
December 11, 2019

It’s time for another roll of the dice because XVGM Radio is back for their second round of free picks! We’re choosing songs from all across the VGM spectrum and bringing you a surprising mix of music. From new to old, from licensed games to obscure MAC-E