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Episode 89 – The Best & Worst of Gems Driver Songs (w/ special guest Dya)
May 11, 2022

The Sega Genesis GEMS Driver is often considered one of the worst drivers created for video game music. However, we are optimists when it comes to most chips, so today, we’re taking a deep look into t

Episode 88 – April Fools!
April 01, 2022

It should be pretty obvious if you’ve heard the show before that Mike and Justin LOVE comedy. So on this episode, which just so happens to release on April Fools for no specific reason, the guys get d

Episode 87: Super Nintendo: ORCHESTRATED with Orchestral Fantasy
February 09, 2022

The Super Nintendo is known for having some of the most lush compositions in 16 bit history. But have you ever wondered what these tracks would sound like with real instruments? Our guest today is And

Episode 86: Dances with Nikos!
January 19, 2022

It’s that time of year again! NikoTengoku joins us for his third return as the unofficial “third host” of the show…and he’s ready TO DANCE! We let Niko pick the theme this time around and he wanted to

Episode 85: Dimo’s Quest CD-i Spotlight
December 15, 2021

While single games have been covered before on XVGM Radio, never before have we went into a soundtrack without hearing it period. Taking a page from our pal Ed Wilson over at The VGMbassy, we’re doing

Episode 84: Yakuza Games w/ Alex From A VGM Journey
November 17, 2021

On XVGM Radio, we generally are pretty knowledgable about the subject matter of both game music and the game series we discuss. But what about when we’re not familiar with a franchise or its tunes? We

Episode 83 – Spookyfest 2021
October 27, 2021

It’s that time of year again! Spooooooooooooookyfest has returned for it’s 2021 festival! Join Mike and Justin (and lots of zombies) for the most ghoulish “live” music event of the year! We’ve picked

Episode 82 – An Evening with Barry Leitch
September 29, 2021

Barry Leitch is mostly known for his compositions on the Top Gear racing game series, and more recently, Horizon Chase Turbo. But if you dive deep enough, you’ll uncover a wealth of video game music m

Episode 81: Consoles VS Handhelds (Same Song Different System)
September 15, 2021

The difference between consoles and handhelds can be immense…..or….there’s not much of a difference (if we’re talking about redbook audio, at least.) But what happens when we DO compare these two rega

Episode 80: Free Picks 解き放たれた第四 (The Fourth Unleashed)
August 18, 2021

The XVGM Radio guys go WILD…..with their fourth rendition of their Free Picks series of shows! Every 20 episodes, Mike and Justin pick whatever tracks they want to showcase, plus they flip a coin to d