What to Say When Things Get Tough

What to Say When Things Get Tough

Keep Calm and Get A Tutor

January 27, 2021

Making sure our kids don't fall behind in their studies has been a challenge for millions of parents in the age of coronavirus, and many have turned to tutors for help. Our guest today is Gabrielle Crichlow, founder and owner of A Step Ahead Tutoring Services in New York. We talk about how she’s weathered the storm and the role that communication plays in removing the stigma that sometimes comes with tutoring and in serving her clients well. You can learn more about Gabrielle and the services she provides at www.astepaheadtutoringservices.com.

One show note: As things have heated up at work and at home, I find myself with less time to devote to this podcast. So I’ve decided to start posting new episodes every other week. I figure this way I can continue to provide high-quality content and minimize my own stress. I hope you’ll understand and continue to listen.

As always, thank you to Jim Cirillo (www.jimiumgroup.com) for our original music and to my daughter, Rachel Greenberger, for our original art.

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