The Old Fashioned Podcast

The Old Fashioned Podcast

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All Podcasts Will Be One | Episode 49 | The Old Fashioned Podcast
February 02, 2023

Mike and Clintus return after the Holidays for a new episode as they close in on Episode 50 of the show! With VRising and MTG's Phyrexian release on the horizon, we're stoked for these next few weeks of gaming online or offline! ...Gaming Communit

Episode 48: A Return to Friends
December 19, 2022

...Gaming Community Expo '22 Tickets and Information Love Coffee? Check out Kings Coast Coffee Co. the Loot Pool the streams:

Episode 47: Underoath Appears
December 14, 2022

A friendship as old as time, Grant & Kevin have been friends from their first introduction in New York's Metal Scene back in the day. While Kevin retired from music, Grant continued on and united with Underoath to kick off one of the best bands in history

Episode 45: Halloween Wrap-Up
November 16, 2022

Mike & Kevin recap their Halloween adventures with their families, discuss Modern Warfare II and much more on this episode. Follow Us: Kings Coast Coffee:

Episode 44: The Dragons Have Been Housed
October 28, 2022

Mike & Kevin discuss the end of the Season 1 of House of the Dragon, vitamin regiments, portable gaming consoles & the latest DC news on this week's episode. Follow Us: Kings Coast Coffee: http://kings

Episode 43: Breaking Down Rings Of Power Season 1
October 21, 2022

Kevin & Mike are back diving deep into their thoughts on Rings of Power Season 1. Mike's current obsession with Magic: The Gathering & the lead up to the final episode of House of the Dragon come up as well. Follow Us:

Episode 42: Modern Warfare 2 is coming for Tarkov
September 23, 2022

With Modern Warfare 2 releasing a Beta this weekend, Mike and Clintus breakdown why theyre excited about the latest COD and what is next for New World. We also cant forget about the GTA 6 leaks.

Episode 41: The Rings of Power were made for us
September 02, 2022

Were going on an adventure! Kevin, Mike, and Clintus are back as they breakdown why Madden is behind the curve, how Esports still make our blood pressure rise, and why were excited for Rings of Power.

Episode 40: A Case of the Mondays
August 29, 2022

Kevin and Clintus breakdown how seasons change when youre a parent, living with roommates, and how Gamescom really wasnt interesting.

Episode 39: The Babies are Pooping and Scootin
August 13, 2022

Kevin, Clintus, and Metric talk about their family lives, the new Dr Disrespect Midnight Society game, the new Modern Warfare 2 game coming out soon, and more!