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Writing Alchemy

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Unfamiliar Heroes 22 – Inside the First Responders Training Program Part 2
November 22, 2021

Awkward meetings abound as our heroes are drawn together. Gail writes an email. Vanessa is standoffish, but she really cares. Janus decides to not back down. And we are all certain that Gails shack i

Collaboration 4 – Chimera: Friendship Is Music
October 09, 2021

Writing Alchemy Collaboration 4 SummaryA record shaped world, where music is magic, is under threat by evil corporations! These corporate villains are trying to control the magic and destroy musical

Unfamiliar Heroes 21 – Inside the First Responders Training Program Part 1
September 10, 2021

Writing Alchemy Unfamiliar Heroes 21 SummaryWe return to the First Responders Training Program to catch up with Vanessa the Witch and Janus the Ghoul. In this sequel adventure, meet Gail the Ghost

Bonus Cast 9 – Anxiety Tools: Orienting
October 27, 2020

Writing Alchemy Bonus Cast 9 SummaryToday Im sharing some tools I have been using that have been extremely helpful for dealing with anxiety. Ill also be giving an update on what is going on for m

Collaboration 3 – Into the Research Garden
September 21, 2020

Writing Alchemy Collaboration 3 SummaryBob the slime-person druid, Nikau the parrotfolk rogue, and Aery the animated statue athlete are part of a team of investigative journalists working for the C

Calming Moment – The Pacific Ocean
April 15, 2020

Writing Alchemy Calming Moment SummaryThis is an experimental episode of Writing Alchemy where Fay describes five beautiful photographs of the Pacific Ocean in detail with the soothing sound of oce

Unfamiliar Heroes 20 – Janus’ First Tarot Reading
January 31, 2020

Writing Alchemy Unfamiliar Heroes 20 SummaryThis is a special scripted crossover episode between Writing Alchemy and Kalila Stormfires Economical Magick Services where we return to Sylvan Communit

Bonus Cast 8 – Thriving While Trans Stand Up Comedy
December 03, 2019

Writing Alchemy Bonus Cast 8 Summary This Bonus Cast features stand up comedy that the amazing Tobi Hill-Meyer did for Thriving While Trans. Afterwards, there are some announcements about upcoming a

Crossroads Story Time 1 – The Story of Creation
October 31, 2019

Summary Crossroads Story Time is a new series that explores the myths and lore of the Crossroads Setting. The four short stories in this episode delve into the cosmology and magic of Crossroads thro

Collaboration 2 – Pandora Files: The Case of the Missing Hope
September 22, 2019

Writing Alchemy Collaboration 2 SummarySeveral storybook characters have gone missing from the kingdom of Tome. Making things worse, a Storyteller has just disappeared. Frecka and Salvinia, Agents