Write Your Best Book

Write Your Best Book

Episode 67 - Setting & Maintaining Perfect Pacing (with Amy Impellizzeri)

April 30, 2021


Proper pacing is not just a good thing to have in your novel. It’s crucial to your reader’s experience. If the pacing is too slow, the reader will lose interest and get bored. If it’s too fast, they’ll feel like they have whiplash and be frustrated and lost. What we must do instead is find a way to have Goldilocks type pacing! Don’t worry. I’ll explain what that means in this episode. So, tune in and listen as my guest host and I unpack the topic of perfect pacing and discuss ways you can keep your readers not just interested but engaged and flipping the page to see what comes next!

In this episode, you will:

· Learn why it’s important to have perfect pacing

· Learn how to avoid too slow pacing

· Learn how to avoid too fast pacing

· Learn other ways to maintain perfect pacing throughout your story

Hosts & Guests

Host – Christina Kaye

Guest Host –Bestselling Author Amy Impellizzeri

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