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The Working Professionals' Fitness Radio - GramFitness

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47 – The Fitness Menopause
October 14, 2021

Today we discuss the fitness menopause. Are you going through a period where you are not exited about your training? Feeling like you are just going through the motions in the gym? You could be experi

46 – How to Know When You’re Doing Too Much
October 07, 2021

Today we discuss how to know when you are doing too much. Specifically, we talk about how to know when you are doing too much volume in the gym, or even outside of the gym. You will see instagram infl

45 – Periodising Your Life with Yusef Smith
September 23, 2021

Today we sat down with Yusef Smith, Director and co-founder of Propane Fitness, an online coaching service helping busy build their goal physiques with surgical efficiency and less effort. Yusef start

44 – Dealing With Internal Body Image
September 23, 2021

Today we sat down and discussed our own experiences with managing your internal body image. There is a real dichotomy that we have both experienced where you look great, but you are very dissatisfied

43 – Our Favourite Lifting Cues
September 07, 2021

Today we went through our favourite lifting cues. We go from generic to specific focussing in on squat, bench and deadlift (what else!) and provide some practical information on how to set your lifts

42 – In-Person PT vs Online Coach
August 30, 2021

Today we went through the pros and cons of having an in person personal trainer, or an online coach for the busy professional who wants to get in shape without marrying the gym. Obviously, we recognis

41 – Crypto, Intermittent Fasting & Habits with Nick Walsh
August 22, 2021

Today we sat down with Nick Walsh. Nick runs his own online fitness coaching business, having previously worked in the technology and in person, personal training industry. We talked all things pandem

40 – Why We Don’t Take Steroids
August 18, 2021

Today we talk about why we have both made the conscious decision not to take anabolic steroids, or any performance enhancing drugs. Back in 2010, when we first started hitting the gym, there were mome

39 – How To Automate Your Fat Loss
August 15, 2021

Today we talk about how we like to automate our fat loss. We are also busy people and only have a certain amount of mental RAM to apply to fat loss. We go through how we make our inputs as seamless as

38 – Conversations with Caroline
August 11, 2021

This is an episode that we recorded way back in April.  We sat down with Caroline, the founder of Coaching with Caroline; former architect turned personal trainer based in Scotland. Really enjoyed thi