World's Finest Show

World's Finest Show

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152 - Everything is Awesome!
October 28, 2016

Something's Awry, Legoland, Halloween

147 - Pink Lemonade Pictures
September 23, 2016

The gang sits down with Kelly Murray and Hillary Hanak from Pink Lemonade Pictures to talk about their upcoming film "The Astronomer". Also, they have an extended conversation about remakes.

98 - World's Finest Annual Birthday Spectacular #2
November 30, 2015

The gang celebrates the second anniversary of "World's Finest" and talks with a mystery guest. Doug gets angry at Kyle for not loving "The Evil Dead" franchise.

95 - The Late Saints
October 16, 2015

Colbert Joins Late night. Also an extended play with Gypsy Punk Rock with Kazoos band, The Late Saints.

92 - Age of Aquarius
October 16, 2015

The gang endorses Wayatt Scott for Canadian Parliament and talks mobile technology. Guest Ellen Endslow stops by from the Chester County Historical Society to talk about the 60's.

89 - Omne
October 16, 2015

Online gaming, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wet Hot American Summer and more! Also: today we talk tech with Thomas and Jeff from local development firm Omne.

74 - Yasmine Mustafa, ROAR For Good
September 30, 2015

This week, we spend whole hour with local innovator Yasmine Mustafa, Creator of ROAR For Good and founder of Philly Girl Develop It and her partner Anthony Gold. Learn about her revolutionary concept and amazing journey.

62 - Geek Out
February 05, 2015

with guest Wilhem Arthur

61 - John Dixon, Phoenix Island
January 20, 2015

Local author John Dixon joins us in studio to discuss his book Phoenix Island that was adapted into the CBS show Intelligence. ALSO: We discuss the Taken franchise and we discuss Nic's obsession with a talking dog.  

48 - World's Finest Annual Birthday Spectacular #1
November 30, 2014

We celebrate our first year on the air by getting the gang back together! Kyle and Doug welcome Raya is back, we introduce our new host Nic Sardo and special guest (and co-founder) Tyler Daniels returns!