World Oil's Daily Brief

World Oil's Daily Brief

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What the drilling rig count's ongoing climb says about the future of crude oil production
October 18, 2020

While opinions differ on oil demand and production rates, a fourth week of growth in the rig count appears to prove some projections right, while invalidating others.

Will a flurry of oilfield M&A activity spur innovation in fossil fuels?
October 11, 2020

Enterprising operators and service companies are positioning to drive a step change in how fossil fuels are explored and produced.

Despite traders' weak demand outlook, oil and gas drilling activity continues to rise
October 04, 2020

Drilling activity across the board continues to rise, while oil traders expect a long road to demand recovery; Venezuela and Iran continue to flout U.S. trade sanctions; and a recovering Libya adds to OPEC+ challenges.

Political moves, both current and projected, are placing outsized influence on U.S. and Canadian oil markets
September 27, 2020

While Canada's leaders promise measures to protect oilfield livelihoods, shale drillers in the U.S. are working to minimize the impacts of a potential Biden victory.

BP makes its peak oil demand prediction amid historic drilling trends in the U.S. and abroad
September 20, 2020

BP has boldly claimed that global oil demand will peak in the next ten years in its 2020 Energy Outlook. Some emerging trends in the upcoming World Oil 2020 Drilling Forecast reveal how future production capacity may make that happen.

Are the oil industry's opportunities for post-coronavirus recovery dwindling in North America?
September 13, 2020

In addition to record job losses, legislative activities and harsh economic realities will limit options for oil and gas sector growth in North America's post-coronavirus economy.

In a post-Schlumberger world, how will the new frac services landscape change the way shale explorers operate?
September 06, 2020

Between Halliburton and Liberty Oilfield Services, hydraulic fracturing now has two major players with fundamentally different field capabilities and technology ambitions.

Are oil prices stable enough to support a U.S. shale drilling recovery?
August 30, 2020

A close examination of drilling activity and oil price resilience suggest that pieces may be coming into place to support the start of a U.S. shale recovery.

How "lower for longer" has become the new baseline for the oil and gas industry
August 16, 2020

As forecasts show no near-term end in sight for depressed oil demand, operators are making dramatic adjustment to meet new industry realities.

Negative impacts of record-low drilling activity reverberate across the oil and gas industry
August 09, 2020

From bankruptcies and asset fire sales to job losses and record declines in crude production, drilling activity levels not seen since 1940 are affecting every corner of the oil and gas industry.