#57 - Steal the Skill with Anh Nguyen

February 28, 2020

My next guest is an experienced sushi chef with over 15 years of training under many Japanese experts. As a young infant, Anh Nguyen and his family left Vietnam and traveled to America by boat in the early 1980s. Today, Anh is the owner of Denver Poke Company and in this episode, I join him in his kitchen while he completes his morning prep before opening his restaurant for the day.

During our conversation, Anh speaks about his upbringing, training under Japanese executive chefs, how he discovered poke, and his vision of creating a sustainable future that protects the food we eat.


Denver Poke Company is located on 1550 Platte St Suite C, in Denver Colorado.

Connect with Denver Poke Company on Instagram @denverpokecompany

For more information about their menu and Anh's story, visit: