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Women's health and postnatal recovery with physio Kath Baquie

November 03, 2021

We often don't talk about recovery after birth and how to prioritize time for looking after yourself with a new bub enough.

It takes ~9 months to have a baby and a similar time to recover. Our bodies are amazing, but we also need to let them heal after birth.

Building up to exercise is important. You don’t go from couch to completing a marathon in one run. You gradually build up to it over time. This is exactly the same as returning to exercise after you have had a baby.

Have you started to exercise again after bub and realised not everything felt as it should? In this episode, I speak with physio Kath Baquie and she explains, our pelvic floor is like a band that has been stretched and we need to allow it time to recover and strengthen again.
Kath and I talk about: 
* How our bodies are impacted by pregnancy in ways we don't expect 
* Why it is important to do pelvic floor rehabilitation 
* Rehab process after vaginal and caesarian births and building up to exercising again 
* Periods when you may experience pelvic floor issues and how to manage this
* Why you should have a postnatal assessment before returning to exercise after pregnancy 
* Understand what is a pelvic floor assessment 
* Tips to incorporate exercise into your everyday life with your children 

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