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Working Mumma

Balancing work and school holidays with Joyce Watts - IGTV

September 27, 2021

Each day this week I am doing an Instagram Live and uploading the recording as a podcast episode as I know it can be a little tricky listening to an IGTV.
This is the first IGTV and I spoke with Joyce Watts, a corporate lawyer turned serial entrepreneur. In the past ten years Joyce Watts has started four successful businesses with 2 kids in tow and she is passionate about empowering women to create businesses so that they have the flexibility and freedom to be their own boss while juggling the demands of family life.
We chat about: 
* Tips about balancing work and managing the kids during school holidays (which is obviously different to remote learning)
* Outdoor & indoor activities for toddler & primary aged children
* How Joyce juggles work & her family life
* The importance of outsourcing as a business owner and working mum
* And much more! 

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