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Episode 101: Debbie Johnson
July 03, 2020

Welcome to Working Dog Episode 101, the start of our 2020 Ladies of K9 series . The guys sit down with Debbie Johnson, of K9's United . Debbie talks about how the loss of a local K9 pushed her to action. During the process,

Episode 100: Michael Ellis
June 23, 2020

Here it is folks, the big ONE HUNDRED Can you believe it?! We are celebrating this milestone with an EXTRAVAGANZA ! And who better to kick this celebration off with, than with THE Michael Ellis! This guy is truly a household name,

Episode 99: Denmother K9
June 13, 2020

Eric and Ted finally nail down Evan from Denmother K9. Evan talks about how he became a go to guy for dogs that end up in bad situations and his knack for being around when dogs get into bad situations. He talks about the transition from working on sol...

Episode 98: Larry Krohn
June 03, 2020

Your Working Dog Radio hosts sit down with The Godfather of the E-Collar, Larry Krohn, and pick his brain! Krohn began his career as a federal agent in 1996, and has been “fixing the unfixable” dogs for over 20 years. Krohn mentions (several times,

Episode 97: Jimmy Hatch
May 23, 2020

We cannot begin to express how fitting this Memorial Weekend episode is for us. We sat down with THE Jimmy Hatch, former Navy SEAL, extreme badass canine trainer and handler, and founder of Spike’s K9 Fund, and Emily Soccino,

Episode 96: LT.John Nores
May 13, 2020

Eric @vanessk9 & Ted @ted_summers sit down with our guest, Lt. John Nores @johnnores, who has served as a game warden with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. California has become notorious for its environmentally devastating illegal marijuana ...

Episode 95: Will Chesney
May 03, 2020

In case you’ve been living under a rock, “No Ordinary Dog” by Will Chesney has officially been released!! The guys sit down and talk with Chesney about everything from his upbringing (and fear of heights! What?!), to his time in BUDS and the Teams,

Episode 94: Ivan Balabanov
April 23, 2020

Welcome our next guest: Ivan Balabanov - a household name in working dog homes. (Excuse us while we fangirl! We’ve wanted to interview Balabanov since the very beginning of WDR!) This episode is jam packed full of information!!

Episode 93: Mike Toussaint and Remco
April 13, 2020

Amazing episode with Michael Toussaint! Michael discusses his time in the Navy as a Dog Handler and being selected for the Navy’s Special Missions Unit. We go from his very first dog while stationed in Guam to meeting Remco.

Episode 92: Communication and Obedience with Connie Cleveland
April 03, 2020

We got the distinct honor of sitting with Connie Cleveland Nolan. Connie is a multi-time retriever champion trainer and all around OB guru. The guys cover a ton of topics and get into marker training, some selection and listen to Connie talk about teac...