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The Workamper Show Podcast

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In Episode 081, Bryan Carbonnell explains how he makes money fixing and inspecting RVs while traveling
August 11, 2020

Just doing two inspections a month, Bryan Carbonnell can bring in $1,400, on average. He can more than double that by completing minor repairs where he can charge $100 per hour. There are very few expenses, like insurance,

Lynn Hupp describes her experience in the Dreamer’s Journey class in Episode 080
August 04, 2020

Lynn Hupp dreamed about the RV lifestyle for many years, and two major life changes earlier this year nudged her to jump out and make that dream a reality. Yet, she still wasn’t quite confident enough in her knowledge or abilities in order to become a ...

In Episode 079, RV guru John Huggins offers tips and advice about RV setup
July 28, 2020

John Huggins and his wife, Kathy, founded the Living the RV Dream group. They were full-time RVers for quite some time and were one of the pioneers in creating online communities. The couple also served as Workampers nearly the entire time they were on...

Phil and Shar Roos describe their A Year to Volunteer mission in Podcast 078
July 14, 2020

Phil and Shar Roos founded A Year to Volunteer in 2018, and launched their first project earlier this year. Initially, their goal was to retire and take a year off to volunteer doing something in all 50 states. Since then,

Don and Pat Hawes describe their Workamping and RVing experiences on Podcast 077
July 07, 2020

As residents of New England, Don and Pat Hawes spend most of their winters Workamping in southern states from Florida to Arizona, but always returned to their northern home in summer to spend time with their children and grandkids.

Jody Duquette discusses creating the ideal Workamper resume on Podcast 076
June 30, 2020

Jody Duquette is the executive director of Workamper News. As a Workamper herself, Jody knows that a resume is often the first impression someone makes with a prospective employer. A Workamping resume is different than a traditional resume that people ...

Jody Duquette describes the variety of jobs available to Workampers on podcast Episode 075
June 23, 2020

In this episode, Jody describes the myriad of short-term jobs that are available to workampers. They can be part time or full time. Some last just a couple of weeks, some an entire season, and some until the workampers opt to move on to something else....

Evada Cooper shares her story of RVing out of necessity to fully embracing the lifestyle in Episode 074
June 16, 2020

Evada Cooper’s story may have unfolded in an unusual way, but it was clearly divine inspiration that led her to make some life-changing decisions that would eventually help thousands of other people to follow her path.

In Episode 073, the Texas RV professor describes a new hybrid training model at the National RV Training Academy
June 09, 2020

After COVID-19 disrupted their plans for teaching tech classes at the National RV Training Academy, Texas RV Professor Terry Cooper came up with an idea for hybrid training which combines live two-way online classes with prerecorded videos and the work...

In Episode 072, Kathy Chefas describes an opportunity to sell Christmas trees in south Florida
June 04, 2020

Hart-T-Trees operates more than a dozen Florida tree lots in cooperation with local businesses, charities and churches. For workampers, it is almost like having a turn-key, short-term business, where they partner with Hart-T-Tree farms to sell their ha...